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Oldschool, unique Open Tibia Server. New quest and areas are waiting for you ! Each NPC has unique character. This is it, the real MMORPG.

Download the client here:

Before you start:

- Read about specializations Blacksmith, Alchemist, Hunter
- Read about subspecializations Fisherman, Treasure Hunter, Miner, Lumberjack, Chief Cook
- Check out Item Enchanting system and Learning Spells system.
- Read about new skill Strength


Each monster has different power level ! It varies from 30% weaker to 50% stronger. There is also a chance that you will meet an LEADER(300% stronger) or ALPHA(500% stronger)!


You see a dragon. It is stronger by 29%.
You see a dragon alfa. It is stronger by 200%.

You can sense the power of epic monsters ! Druid

ElementalOTS - This is it.

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